On behalf of the conference local organising committee, welcome to the 32nd annual Patient Classification System International (PCSI) conference to be hosted in the Printworks Building of Dublin Castle, Ireland from 4th to the 7th of October 2016 . This conference is hosted by PCSI with assistance from Healthcare Pricing Office in Ireland. The main theme of the conference is Towards Activity Based Management: Putting the Patient at the Centre.

Activity Based Funding (ABF) and how it is applied for managing hospitals and healthcare systems is a central concern in the area of healthcare both within Ireland and internationally. The conference will explore both the patient activity and patient costs, looking particularly at their combination for ABF, and how this combined data can be used to manage hospitals and health care systems. The conference will also explore the issues surrounding the building blocks of ABF with the ultimate aim of re-enforcing these blocks.

The conference also facilitates discussions on other aspects of the Casemix, costing and classification of the patients such as

  • Patient Classification and Coding;
  • Integrated care;
  • Benchmarking
  • Quality Assurance;
  • Information Technology;
  • Primary Health Care;
  • Quality Clinical Coding;
  • Health Funding or Costing via Casemix
  • Clinical Management and;
  • Patient costing.

This annual conference offers a unique platform for healthcare professionals in the international patient classification community to get together and share the latest innovations and ideas. The conference is aimed at a broad range of Casemix professionals, from beginners to experts.

The conference will be held over 3½ days beginning with a day for workshops followed by days consisting of keynote speakers, parallel sessions and panel sessions. A host of key note speakers have been identified for the conference and more information on these speakers can be found in the section on the speakers. The parallel sessions are the opportunity for the Casemix community to present and discuss their work, and to show how each group and country and dealing with the various issues.

We encourage you to attend the conference and use the opportunity to learn, listen and participate in this unique event.


Formed after many discussions about the value of a collaborative association, including meetings in Paris in 1984 and Dublin in 1986, Patient Classifications Systems Europe (PCSE) was initially founded in 1987 in Lisbon. The organization created a network of researchers and users of the case mix concept from health administration, government agencies, and academia. From an initial focus on Diagnosis Related Group (DRGs), the association’s goals have expanded to include a broader interest in clustering and grouping techniques of clinical and administrative data for health care management and financing. The association has stimulated the use and refinement of the science of “grouping patients” within different levels of the health system.

Expansion of the organization throughout the world brought a name change from PCSE to Patient Classification Systems International (PCSI). It is the only worldwide organization addressing case-mix issues. In the last years the annual international conference has brought together a growing number of active participants from all over the world. From a group of six “idealists” from Western Europe and the United States, the organization has now grown to hundreds of members from 5 continents. The organization puts on one annual conference and offers educational opportunities through our Summer and Winter School programmes. For more information please visit our website here:


  • Dr Sanjay Agrawal

    Dr. Sanjay Agrawal

    Dr Sanjay Agrawal is Assistant Medical Director and Consultant in Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine at the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust (UHL).

  • James Downie

    James Downie

    James Downie is the Acting CEO of the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA).

  • Prof Hans Flatten

    Professor Hans Flaatten

    Hans Flaatten was trained as a Consultant in Anaesthesia and Intensive care

  • Dr Frank Heimig

    Dr. Frank Heimig

    Dr Frank Heimig is The CEO of InEK GmbH, the German Hospital-Reimbursement-Institute

  • Charles Normand

    Professor Charles Normand

    Charles Normand is Edward Kennedy Professor of Health Policy and Management at the University of Dublin, Trinity College.


Abstracts have been submitted from many countries around the world on a variety of topics and the organisers have compiled a rich and varied programme. You are sure to find something to interest you!



  • Inspiring speech of Machteld Huber

    Iris Koopmans-Drenth
  • Piles of data are just that, piles of data. Good time at PCSI Hague presenting on success in pop health.

    Herb Fillmore
  • WHO's Tevik Bedhiran Ustun - Evolution & timescale for ICD-11 & X-code innovation for data enrichment

    Dr. Claudia Pagliari


Printworks, Dublin Castle 4th – 7th October, 2016


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